What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Unleashing the Power Inside


We love tension. For example: Dramatic Simplicity™.

In our latest “Creative Problem Solvers” workshop we tackled a new tension: vulnerability as a source for creativity. Inspired by Brené Brown’s Ted Talk, The Power of Vulnerability, we dove into this topic and the ways it affects our work.


Margaret James from QCoaching moderated discussions about how to identify our own vulnerabilities, and how to support each other at times we might feel vulnerable. While feeling vulnerable often causes us to clam up and hold back, this session encouraged us to embrace vulnerability to move past our insecurities.

Nigel Downer of Second City led us through improv games, as we learned to let go of inhibitions. He also shared insights from working and writing at Second City, reminding us to approach every project with a “Yes, and…” attitude, always looking to build on an idea and make it even better.

As we look to implement our learnings, we’re turning the question outward to the industry: how does vulnerability impact your day-to-day work? And how can we take advantage of our vulnerabilities to reach new success?

Centrum Vitamints


Have you taken your daily vitamins? Probably not, but then again, who has time to remember in the midst of a busy morning?

Centrum recognized the challenge facing late Gen-X and early boomers who want to lead healthy lives, but are constrained by demanding schedules. What’s more, consumers are less and less attracted to the idea of taking their daily pills – a trend Canadean calls “Pill Fatigue.”

Centrum Vitamints makes it easy to get your essential daily nutrients. Davis created the look and feel for Vitamints, taking inspiration from the confectionery aisle for a contemporary, fresh and energetic style. With Vitamints' cool minty taste and easy portability (chew without water, like regular mints!), the brand combines health and pleasure into one easy solution. 

Centrum Vitamints is a Gold winner in the 2017 PAC Global Leadership Awards. 

Hello, nanö

iÖGO's "nanö" reflects the masterbrand with the typestyle and umlauts; but the heightened identification with red helps nanö stand out and differentiate between segments. Meanwhile, the wide-eyed cheerful characters invite play at a greater level for the younger aged target.

Dentyne Ice Sub Zero


Gum’s popularity has slowed in recent years, forcing many brands to look for ways to innovate and create excitement. But how do you create a new offering consumers will actually care about?

One way to break through is to go deeper with benefits that matter most. The continued popularity of mint-flavored gum on a global scale proves that the primary purpose of chewing is still to freshen your breath*. Dentyne — the gum that leaves you with fresh breath 40 minutes after chewing — falls right in line with this major trend, and pushes innovation even further with Sub Zero, the more intense offering available in both gum and breath mints.

Dentyne partnered with Davis to bring the sub-brand to life. The design connects the North American portfolio with ice that shatters the pack’s glacial exterior. Putting a focus on its cold blast of flavor, the brand instills confidence in the added intensity of Sub Zero.

*Canadean, January 2016

Love Letters from Davis

We’re giving away LOVE again this year for Valentine’s Day! Our 2017 calendar series inspired us to look back at some of the greatest Romantic writers in the English language – Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, and William Shakespeare.

Download your own Davis Love Letters by clicking on the Shakespeare image.